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I have recently embarked on a mission to replace my weedy, uneven front lawn, My wife insisted I couldn’t use weed killer due to animals so I used an electric scarifyer and mowing as short as possible to try and get as much grass/weed out as possible, I have rotivated several times and taken out all the big rubble (about 5 bags taken to the top). This is over the last month so every couple of days I have been removing freshly grown weeds and taking the bigger clumps of remaining grass out, now there is largely single strands, how far do I need to go to removing these before seeding?

I also need to put my border back until I do that I won’t know exactly how much I will need to add as it will be taller than it was previously plus all the rubble I removed, although I have added a few barrow loads of soil I had left over from another project.

i think the next step will be put the boarder in level then add more topsoil if required then seed however I am also concerned the soil is now very dry due to the humidity of the last month in the uk, I have added some blood and bone to try and rectify this, I know some sort of compost or something would also help but until I get the levels I’m loathed to add any of this as I think over time it will disappear and cause the lawn to drop, is this correct?

sorry for such a long post just trying to give a full picture of what I have done and planning on doing any advice would be greatly received.


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,995
    Wow.. sounds like you've done an excellent job with the prep work!  Common wisdom is you plant the grass seed in the fall, so you have the moisture for germination and good growth.  Now is a good time to get everything level and ready, and improve the soil.  I am sure others will provide expert advice.    
    Utah, USA.
  • BobFlannigonBobFlannigon Posts: 619
    It's nice that you listened to your wife!
    If you're seeding I'd only do so when the is a period of rain forecast otherwise the seeds will dry up as soon as they germinate, that's why late summer/early autumn is usually recommended as it's warm and [always] wet.  But... you can do so this time of year once wet weather is forecast, it'll take at least a week for the grass seeds to germinate and they must not dry out (even a 'little' bit!).

    I should warn you that it'll take at least a year before your grass is anything resembling a lawn, it'll be very thin for a while and you'll probably think that you've done something wrong.  If you can afford it, I'd encourage you to buy turf as this is sooooo much easier and it'll also suppress the one or two weeds that might still be hanging around.  Plus, you can be using it in about 4 weeks (you still mustn't let it dry out).
  • James 903James 903 Posts: 3
    Thanks for comments, regarding seeding over turf really isnt a cost thing, I mean the area is approx 20m2 so not a huge deal, it is the front lawn gets very, very little ware, it sounds a little sad but I just want to put seed down and watch the fruits of my labour rather than turf lol. I am looking to spend the next couple of months getting things ready probably targeting a September seeding now if I am honest, I guess I’m just after some clarifyication and any optimisation tips on the prep work, obviously with a current projection of September I have a fair bit of time.
  • James 903James 903 Posts: 3
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    Thought an image might help with current state, there will be a boarder approx 10cm wide all around with exception to the window, which will come inline with the front door, the wooden boarder will be higher than the paths and the soil level will be raised to match that height in an effort to make mowing easier, I can then cut my to the edges, as you can see the soil is currently looking a bit dehydrated but it has been being worked on for over a month and the Dry whether, not sure if this is something I should be worrying about now with time to remidy or really just Focus on levelling and putting the boarder and then looking to add moisture in the final few weeks prior to seeding.
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