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Pests in the greenhouse

I used to love my greenhouse but now it has been invaded by lots of small insects and I am reluctant to go in there now.

I had lots of nice seedlings and newish plants but they seem to have had a lot of their leaves eaten and I can only suspect this new influx of insects.

They all fly up when I use the  spray hose to water the plants and aim straight for me!

I have recently come back from holiday and I think they have taken over while I was gone. I have a courgette plant in there along with carrots and tomatoes although I have only just moved the last two in there after the bad winds blew my other green house down.

Is there anything I can do to reclaim my greenhouse from these monsters?
Must stop buying more plants, repeat, must stop buying....


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,135
    They sound like fungus gnats or shore files - I don't think either eat plant leaves.
    Assuming that's what they are... They like a nice damp atmosphere so keeping your greenhouse well ventilated will make a big difference. You won't get rid of them entirely - there are always some in my g/house, but not so many as I notice them

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