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First time tomato grower

This is the first time i have attempted to grow tomatoes. My neighbour gave me some cuttings and i promptly put 3 into a grow bag, about 5 weeks ago. 

They are growing profusely in a bushy habit. It then occurred to me are they a cordern variety and my neighbour says she thinks they are moneymaker.
Is it too late to take off the side shoots now or should i let them grow in a bushy form?

They are looking so healthy I'm frightened to start pruning them!


  • herbaceousherbaceous Posts: 2,318
    Its not too late Benarch if you want to tidy them up but use a sharp knife or scissors to minimise damage to the stem. Tomatoes are pretty tough if they get watered regularly and fed when needed so they will recover. You will need to support them though, either wind them round some tethered twine or tie loosely to some firm stakes. Height depends on your available space and how many trusses you want to set.

    Good luck, Moneymaker are pretty dependable.
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  • BenarchBenarch Posts: 10
    Thank you herbaceous! I'll do it tomorrow!
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