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Thuja Plicata Hedge Browning and Dieing

Hi All,

I planted 64 rootball Thuja Plicata (1.5m tall) in March 2018 and until fairly recently it seemed to be doing ok.

However, 3 or 4 have turned completely brown and more have got brown patches. If just the 3 or 4 die then law of averages I’ve not done badly although I’m concerned that all the others will head the same way.

Does anyone have any tips or guidance on a) what has or is causing the browning and b) how to prevent this from happening?

The weather has been very mild so I’ve been watering regularly but it’s always a worry whether I over water or under water.

ive attached a photo.

Thanks in advance from a novice.



  • Hi Craig, I too have a similar problems with my thuja plicata hedge not sure if its the same symptoms as yours. Have a look at my photos that I posted under is this thuja blight. I am so disappointed with them. I have grown a thuja hedge 3 times before and never had a problem. Hope you get to the bottom of it. I am a member of RHS and have sent them some samples to look at.
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