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Have done a low maintenance front garden in our new build house. It faced north east and gets a bit if morning sun but also the east wind. I thought the 3 mahonia soft caress would be fine but I ended up with brown leaved stalks which have recovered but if thus happens annually they are never going to grow and I don't want 3 fleece covered lumps all winter. The low hebes the other side are ok but I would like something evergreen and taller I have about 4ft to the window cill and the bed is approx 4m x 2m.The bricks are a nasty reddy orange colour so reds and pinks dont really look good. Soil is clay and builders quality.
Every time I think I have found a shrub another website says protect from cold winds!
Suggestions much appreciated.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 85,995
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    Think I'd go for Sarcococca confusa ... you can clip it into neat mounds or spires ... and the scent in the winter is to die for ... a lovely welcome home on a wintry day.

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  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Thanks but I already have these planted either side of the path. They also suffered a bit over winter but not as much as the mahonias. 
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    Sounds like tricky conditions for quite a few plants.
    The website at Crocus has filters that allow you to specify conditions.
    There's one here that shows plants suitable for East Facing and Exposed.
    You can adjust the filters as you like - and you don't have to buy from them (though I have been pleased with plants I've bought from them), just gives some ideas and hopefully you'll get more from other here

    I did have success with viburnum davidii at the front of my house which faces due north. A handsome shrub, but you need male and female to get the berries, so you'd need several to be sure of a mix. I was happy with the just the leaves.

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  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Thanks pete8. I do have the vibernum down thè side of the house which the developer planted. I always think of them as dull municiple planting!
    I must say Crocus have some nice suggestions. I might go along the perennial route as then the weather won't affect them. I already have some of them in the back garden which I could split later on, I must say that trying the minimal look doesn't sit well with me So perhaps zi can have minimal one side and more work on the other!
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