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Did anyone else go today... 

I went with a friend who isn't as keen on gardening and growing your own as I am so we spent  


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    Zoomer44 said:
    Did anyone else go today... 

    I went with a friend who isn't as keen on gardening and growing your own as I am so we spent a lot of the day in the food section. The celebs were signing books and so I bought a couple of cook books and had them signed.

    I had a fabulous day which was over shadowed,  when on the way home I discovered the book by Raymond Blanc-100 recipes for entertaining which cost £9.99 was originally on sale for £7.99 and Lakelands who are selling it at the show have covered this price with a sticker which has a new bar code and higher price on...can they do that...   

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 14,389
    Yes - there is no restriction on what sellers can charge for books.
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    That doesn't seem particularly honest and me thinks under minds the chef and Lakelands as a reputable company particularly when the original price is hidden under a sticker.. it wasn't even cleverly done....and is part of a series of books for other chefs/cooks who presumably sold their books at the original price...There is an on line website asking for feedback which I'm going to visit... 

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    It's their surcharge for lugging the book to the event.   ;)
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    We went yesterday too, had a great time and got alot of inspiration for my own garden. I'm currently planning a secret garden, ssshhhh!. I didn't buy any plants, I bought seeds and bulbs instead. Picked up some globemaster allium bulbs, I love them!
    My toddler had a good time too, plenty of ice cream. She must have gone through the train 4 times! lol and she got to sit on a sheep ( fake one I may add) one of the exhibitors put one outside his show garden for her. Thought that was very nice of him to do. Didn't go round the food but did have tickets to watch Tom Kerridge cook up a storm. Both my toddler and baby were very well behaved, no dramas in the theatre thankfully. 
    Great day wish I could go again as we had to skip bits out, didn't have enough time 😟
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    I have seen reports from various garden bloggers, most of the show gardens look as though they are "doable" and have planting that can be copied in smaller gardens. The "train garden" looks amazing!
    Trouble is, we went last year and l really don't think l can justify a visit this year - apart from anything else I daren't go anywhere near the floral marquee ! No room for any more plants🤔😢
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    Usually attend the Thursday but cant get the time off this year (apparently its okay for all three managers to be off all week but not two of us 'plebs'). Wont go of a weekend as it will be chaos.
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    I went yesterday but didn't enjoy it.  Wasn't a patch on the Malvern Spring Show.  I thought a lot of the planting was quite poor.  The floral marquee was OK.  Got there at 11.00 and had left by 2.00.  Warner's holidays (or was it Haven) had sponsored the bandstand area and the noise coming from it was awful.  Really loud and intrusive. Hi Ho Silver Lining belted out at top volume at a garden show just doesn't do it for me.
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 1,828
    "You're everywhere and nowhere baby"........why not a nice "English country garden" ?
    This modern way of carrying on! I know what you mean @Yviestevie. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. Did any plants find their way home with you?
  • YviestevieYviestevie Kingswinford, West MidlandsPosts: 4,343
    Annie I love a lot of current music, but it's horses for courses and it does help if you can sing.  Just bought a few cornflowers in unusual colours.
    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
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