Uneven garden

Hi all,

I have had a quick look through the forum for relevant posts but I feel I need to explain my garden rather than piggybacking another thread.

Our garden is roughly 20 metres long by 30 metres wide, with a triangular extra section on one side.

To say it's uneven is an understatement! It tilts by about 2 metres from one corner, diagonally across. I have built a retaining wall on the low side and due to some other work we had done, the high corner has already dropped by about a metre ( ready for a man cave!), leaving a mound of clay/topsoil behind.

so, I'm left with about 75cm's drop from the retaining wall to the grass, which then gently slopes up towards the area for the man cave. 

Due to having twins, work stopped for a while and now the garden looks like a jungle. All manner of weeds have taken hold along with what I believe to be willow sprouting everywhere.

The topsoil is about 30cms deep then it's clay, which follows the uneven nature of the garden.

My initial plan was to scrape away the grass, pile up the topsoil and level it all. 

Ive read that I could save a lot of effort by simply piling topsoil on top of the existing lawn (once I've cut it all back and added weed killer/glyphospate. 

How does that sound? And thanks for reading till the end!!



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