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Wild flower planting



  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,299
    have sowed various wildflower seeds in the plot, and sowed some cornflowers today in the greenhouse, keeping my fingers crossed for next year.
  • Let us know how they progress Nanny Beach - I too have some cornflower seeds to sow in the greenhouse - I wasn't sure whether they were to be sown directly onto the soil or individually indoors. Are you expecting to plant them out in the Spring?
    We have raked up our grass on the wild flower bank today and OH mowed again - putting the blades lower this time.  There are now a few bare soil patches so I sprinkled some nigella seeds over it - but I intend to also add some home grown plug plants in the Spring.
  • My wild flower/grass patch has flourished and the plants are now approx 3 - 6 inches tall, some are identifiable i.e. the foxgloves, poppies, ox eye daisies and some that I would call  weeds and plenty of grasses. Do I leave it like this over the winter, or do I give it a high cut with the mower, so that the roots of these plants can establish, and the plants bulk up more before flowering next year?
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Guernsey Donkey2, there is no harm in cutting it now if you want. Cornflowers can be sown directly into the soil in early autumn time, so since you have left it, you just grow them in spring on a window sill. They are a bit slower grown like that, but should flower still.
  • I have some seedlings which have now grown to roughly 3 or 4 inches, well rooted in 3" pots which I am hoping to plant out either before the weather turns too cold or in the Spring - knapweed, ox eye daisy, teasel etc. but it was the established newly grown stuff that is a few inches tall that I wanted to know what to do for the best, it seems to be getting leggy now.
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