Magnolia tree won't flower

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I have a magnolia tree 25' high 30 years old and is still very healthy looking.  It has never flowered very well and now I'm down to 2 flowers.  Can anybody give me advice on how to rectify the problem?


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    I had a magnolia that didn't flower and an old gardener said that they often put down a tap root and that stops it from flowering. When we moved as it was still small I dug it up and heard a crack so was that the tap root breaking off?  Replanted with a small slab under the trunk and it flowered from then on until we moved again and it was too big. Though this obviously is no help to you with your size of tree. If it doesn't get enough sun that's a cause. It's flower buds form very early so wind and frost can cause them to die. None if which you can do anything about so you might have to accept its a non flowering tree and plant a clematis or 3 to climb up to give you flowers.
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    Thanks K67,  As you say I don't think I could burrow down to the tap root, interesting though.  The tree is south facing so gets all the available sun.  I'm sure the 'beast from the east' had an effect on it this year.  Can't plant Clematis as I have a concrete loving neighbour.
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    Not sure what you mean about your neighbour. Any climber you want to grow up a tree or wall needs to be planted about 18 inches away from the wall or trunk.
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    The neighbour doesn't like plants.  I have already had complaints from them about my Clematis Montana growing over their fence in the back garden.
    The tree is lodged between their property, the outside public path and my crazy paving.  Or in other words the tree is in the wrong place.  I might dig around the roots and add compost and feed.  Thanks for replying
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    I love plants but I too would be concerned about a montana and my fence as they get very heavy and can do damage. Case of another plant in the wrong place perhaps?😁
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    And on a re-read with so much concrete around the tree lack if water could be a reason. I know with a rhodedendron you have to water well when its forming its flower buds maybe that goes for magnolia as well. Would investigate what feed would be best and when to apply.
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    K67 said:
    And on a re-read with so much concrete around the tree lack if water could be a reason. 
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