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New greenhouse. Practical advice and shopping list needed.



  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 3,875
    It does look good, we bought a shed from Tiger last year, really unhappy with it.  Thats a strange size 12x4, you are going to have a job storing stuff in there.  For heatin in our smallest greenhouse, we use one of those tubular heaters, (economy 7) and unless its really cold just goes on at night.  There is power in there (obiouvsly!!) and our next greenhouse, proper "outdoor" sockets, the switch for the pond pump and heater.  Yes, definitely, a water butt guttering from shed and greenhouse.Hubby put a cheap lamp in the shed roof, (tumble dryer is in there) I dont worry about lighting in the greenhouses, would love a tap on the one by the veg plot, but its 150 feet away!  staging I bought on e bay, just lightweight metal stuff cheap as chips, but holds a good weight.  Potting bench Homebase about £40.
  • MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951
    NannyBeach - know what you mean we were sent the wrong panels for the roof, treated them and knocked nails or whatever in them - and they still wanted the wrong ones back! New panels were replaces quite quickly though. Hoping to make staging from the old panels!
    The size is because they do combi/versatile packs, sticking 3 4x4 sheds together. It was the perfect size for the space.
    Thanks for advice on equipment. So far I've only bought 3 plastic dustbins for different composts to go in ( tell a lie, I already use one for multipurpose so added 2 more), these will go under the shelving.
    Shed storage, yeah you're right it'll be difficult for bigger things (lawnmower, shredder) so hoping I can keep it just for tools and the bigger things will go in another shed if there's room. 

    Boy, it's hot today!

    Thanks Purplerallim, Posy and Valley Gardener.
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