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Sequoia seedlings wilting and going black

matthew.betonmatthew.beton Posts: 2
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I have recently germinated some Sequoia Sempervirens, and they are currently at ~2cm height. All 4 of my germinated plants have started going black and wilted on the edges of their two starting leaves, and one has completely blackened and collapsed. Online I read that they should not be given too much light initially, so I have attempted to shade them but this did not fix the problem...

Here is a picture of the wilting plant;

What am I doing wrong? Have I given them too much or too little water, light? I just don't know what to try any more...



  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 1,940
    @Matthew.beton Welcome to the forum. This is not something I can help you with but I
    am sure there is someone out there who can when they pick up on your thread.  :)
  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923
    might not be being kept damp enough? I know the sequoia woodlands get fog regularly so possibly the air humidity is too low? you might want to mist them daily rather than watering,

    also it is growing in pure vermiculite or is there soil underneath that layer you can can in the picture?
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,965
    treehugger80 is absolutely correct in describing their natural growing conditions ; seedling Sequoias grow in relatively dense shade for their first years ; dense and mild temperature fogs are a typical Pacific coast phenomenon in both N. and S.America . A similar scenario are the 'garua' fogs of the Atacama desert in Chile which are absolutely vital for the unique endemic plant species which eke out a precarious existence there in a virtually rainless environment .

    If your plants are growing in pure vermiculite , you could try standing the pots in shallow trays filled with water ; this to maintain humidity and also for a constant supply of water ; practically a semi-hydroponic form of cultivation ; liquid feeding would be essential if using this method .
    As they mature from the seedling stage , gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions by growing them in dappled shade in the garden ; keep well away from vicious cold winter winds which will severely scorch the foliage .

    PS :- It is normal for the seed-leaves to wither away . I don't think it's anything you've done !!

  • Hi, firstly thank you all for your reply :D

    They are in standard compost with a vermiculite covering, and I have now sealed them in a plastic box with a small ammount of water in the bottom, as well as misting inside the box to attempt to maintain a constant humid environment - maybe if humidity is the problem, the warm days we've had in the UK haven't been helping! I'll leave them in this box and make sure they have access to plenty of moisture, and let you know what happens!

    Thank you again,
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