Rose north facing fence any ideas thanks :O)

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I know this has been discussed here before but given that David Austen sent the wrong rose I am now re-thinking my choice in any case. Ordered  Teasing Georgia (mainly bec choice for north facing 6 foot fence isn't extensive) really excited all through the winter watching it grow and it turns out to be not teasing georgia but something completely different and not YELLOW at all but APRICOT :O( 
Really not a colour I can live with sadly. I would really like a good strong dark yellow but the  only one I can come up with is Golden Showers but it  looks like it is almost white once it starts to open and drop its petals, is that correct? So is there a rose that would be happy trained on a 6 foot fence that will be reliably dark yellow , a traditional rose shape (not look like layers of frilly tissue paper) and wont mind north facing and has reasonable if not excellent disease resistance?  It is fairly sheltered. 



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    If you stop taking chances, you'll stay where you sit. You won't live any longer, but it'll feel like it.” 
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    I have golden showers and I wouldn't say it's a good strong yellow. It's a collapsey, washed out yellow. And it doesn't hold form at all when opened.
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    Oh thanks for posting that Fire, I really fancy that now myself on my north fence
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    I had Leverknausson in exactly the same position, strong colour, scented and seemed fairly disease resistant. It was very vigorous so may get too big for your space but if you have room it's lovely 
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    Thanks everyone for your posts including CFC's humorous post at least I think it was humorous :O) 
    Casino and Leverkusen look like possibles. I asked  David  Austen to wait until I made up my mind (not that I could get Casino from them) then I heard today they have sent me out another Teasing Georgia! :O( 
    Not at all sure it is what I want now as it looks a bit frilly and two tone for me which I hadn't really noticed before, just was looking at the colour on the blurb! I wanted a strong yellow like Casino (although even @ the link posted above, Casino looks like it fades to pale lemon.) Ah the joys of gardening .

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    Roses fade as they age , just like the rest of us  ... it's a fact of  life .... but we can get some of this ... 
    Image result for clairol nice n easy
    If you stop taking chances, you'll stay where you sit. You won't live any longer, but it'll feel like it.” 
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