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Grass patches

I have some recurring dead grass patches in my lawn. I have no dogs and dogs have no access to my garden as it is fenced but it looks just like a dog has pee'd on the lawn as small round patches suddenly die with vigorous growth around the outside. If not dogs, what could it be that's causing the problem?

No sooner have I managed to get the grass to grow in that spot again and then another one appears. Always seems to be in same central area of the lawn. It's full sun and otherwise the lawn is healthy.

Any ideas?


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Does sound like a dog problem but can't be unless it's a fox but don't know if they have the same affect on grass.
    Some websites suggest a fungal problem.
    Try shoving in a fork as far as you can to see if there is anything buried in that area.
    Does this happen all year round?
  • LottolearnLottolearn Posts: 73
    Could be a fox I guess. I think they can still get in as they are smaller but I've not seen any. I've got a night camera out to see if I can find the culprit!
    I'll definitely stick a fork in and see if there's anything there. It's weird that the patches are all in the same area. Even if it is a fox strange she only pees in one place!!
    Yes year round!
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    edited June 2018
    Please let us know if you film anything. The only other suggestion is to put an island bed in the area or take the grass up and returf  or reseed.
  • NickDNickD Posts: 1
    If it's in full sun and the grass goes yellow, check to see if you have an ant nest problem, by tapping the grass with an implement, to see if the ants come to the surface. Sometimes the ants will form a slight mound under the yellow patch, but otherwise the only evidence is when the females take flight in the mid/late summer. A possible solution is to dust with ant powder around the area, but I haven't found much that works. I tend to attract the birds to the garden and they enjoy eating them when they appear!
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