David Austin Golden Celebration Rose

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We have been given a David Austin Golden Celebration Rose and I do not have a suitable place for it in my flower beds. Do you think it would be OK in a large pot, for how long and what size pot would you suggest. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you. Jenny.


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    Hi Jenny,

    I have a few David Austin roses in containers and they are doing fantastic. Golden Celebration would be great in a large container (at least 18 inches deep) as roses have long tap roots. The bigger the container the better the rose will perform.

    The advice I got directly from DA roses is to use a 50:50 mix of John Innes no3 compost and multi purpose compose and you can even add some horticultural grit for added drainage.

    Every Spring around mid March to early April I feed with Toprose fertilizer and again in July after the first flush of flowers. Keep on deadheading after each flower fades down to the first set of 5 leaves and your rose will send out new shoots and flower again.

    Keep doing this and your rose will be very happy in its container :) Oh providing you give it regular deep watering and plenty of sunshine.

    I love Golden Celebration it smells so nice!!
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    Hi Ralph

    Thank you so much. I was quite worried as my parents were given the same rose and as they had a large garden, had made a dedicated bed for it in the lawn and it grew massive. I will treat myself to a large pot and hopefully it will be fine.  Carry on enjoying your selection of roses and have a good summer. 
  • Jenny1066Jenny1066 Posts: 6
    Sorry Craigh - no idea why I put Ralph - I don't even know a Ralph! Must have been a senior moment!
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