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Magnolia Problem

I inherited a low Magnolia tree when we moved in ten years ago.  I think it is a stellar but a dwarf variety, as it is only about eight feet tell.  Always been fine and flowered well in the spring.  But after this winter about half of it has died off.  I do not want to dig it up if I can save some of it, so any advice only what I should do. I have cut back all the dead branches, but am left with a thick stem, about three inches diameter.  So should I get this stem/trunk taken out or is the the remainder of the tree likely to die off as well.

If I am able to save the remainder what is the best way?  should I feed it, and what with? Should I water it, or is that likely the problem following such a wet winter.  

Any advice very welcome. 


  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,268
    If you could post a photo we might be able to advise you better - we'll be able to see if the remaining part looks healthy, maybe diagnose what caused the problem, and suggest what you might do to save it.   :)
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  • Novice23Novice23 Posts: 196
    have taken a couple of photos as suggested.  You can see that one side is still fairly healthy, although empty in the middle, whilst the other side is very barren.  I have cut out the dead trunk, to about 6" from the ground.  It has Vinca growing around and underneath it, which I cut back every year, and try to contain somewhat.  Hope this helps with any advice you might have. 
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  • Novice23Novice23 Posts: 196
    Thanks, i will feed as you suggest.  Is it likely to fill out in the centre with new growth? 
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