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Aphids on cherry tree

How can I get rid of aphids in my cherry tree? Have been spraying but they keep coming back. Any advice greatly appreciated. 


  • FireFire Posts: 17,386
    Are they causing problems?
  • Seem to have damaged a lot of leaves and it appears many of the cherries aren't developing well. I've only had it two years so not a lot of cherries anyway. Same thing happened last year.
  • jeanbeejeanbee Posts: 6
    I have the same problem. I googled it and they seem to be cherry aphids which do spoil the cherries as well. I have pruned off the worst of the tips of the branches, as this is where they are,  and washed off some. I am still tackling them.
  • I think it’s too late for this year. The tree is still healthy so I’m goi g to put a note on my calendar to keep a close eye on it next year around May time and try and respond as soon as the aphids come. I’m even considering g but I g some ladybird larvae next year although it’s nit cheap! Good luck with yours. 
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