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Apple leaf curl aphid problem

Hi! I have an espalier Bramley apple tree and it’s leaves are curling with what I think is an aphid attack It’s really quite bad! I have had a closer look this morning and have found ladybird lava on the leaves I like to be as organic as possible but don’t want to loose my fruit What is the best form of action for this Please help! 


  • Hoping you get an answer :) I have the same problem on a 3 year old apple, with the leaves on all growth tips curled with what I believe to be aphids ... and there are ants running up and down the tree.  I would rather not use a chemical spray, but if I have to....
  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    A picture?
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,266
    I have this too on a three year old tree. Am about to try a spray bottle of washing up liquid and water. Has worked in the past but this appears to be a bad year for aphids. Will let you know results in a few days.
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,266
    This is the promised update, a little later than planned.😁 So to get to the subject, sprayed both apple trees twice with a few days gap between applications.  One has recovered better than the other. Pics follow before and after.

  • buddybbuddyb Posts: 11
    Thankyou so much Purplerallim! That gives me heart!  The new leaves look fresh and healthy now
    I will go out and give it a go What dilution did you use please?
    Thanks in advance 
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,266
    About half the amount you would put in a washing up bowl in a spray bottle around a pint big, so not very much.I kept it to just the new growth with the rest just getting the overspray. Did twice in one week and then left a week to see how it went. Still have some aphids and ants but the tree seems to be coping better, but the other tree is still looking curled so 50/50 success .
  • buddybbuddyb Posts: 11
    Spray bottle at the ready! 🙂
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