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Lawn Weed Help

judladjudlad Posts: 6
edited June 2018 in Problem solving
Hi Everyone.
Can anyone tell me what this weed is in my lawn? And how I need to treat this?

Thanks in advance.



  • Pauline 7Pauline 7 West Yorkshire Posts: 2,125
    You appear to have forgotten to post the pics 😘
  • judladjudlad Posts: 6
    Hopefully sorted. Thanks!
  • judladjudlad Posts: 6
    The pictuure not the problem that is
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,190
    It's just grass, that's starting to flower.   When you cut the grass, it'll be fine  :)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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