Midnight Mattress Mayhem

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So, I am selling a mattress and the buyer is coming tomorrow morning. I have pitched it as 'in great condition', which it is. Was. About 10pm I noticed a little mark near one of the buttons, so off I set to remove the mark. Oh yes. The soap left a watermark. Now 1/3 of the mattress is covered in water marks. The more I try to get them out, the further the area that is marked. The problem, of course, is contrast. The mattress is cream and it was (almost) perfectly even before. The mattress is only six months old, so it's not manky, just not even. I am ironing the damn thing to get it dry. Who spends their Friday nights ironing a mattress?

I as go towards the early hours, in ever increasing circles, is there anyone out there with the secret of cleaning mattresses? No doubt I will still be going when you read this message. I am imagining that parents of small children must go through this all the time. But then, hopefully, they have more sense.


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    Maybe this will help, never tried it myself. Good luck!! 


    i would use a hair dryer rather than an iron which may scorch and make it worse.
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    If you type 'how do I clean (insert dirty thing here)' into google it always says white vinegar. Peoples' houses must smell like an old pickled onion jar by now.

    Have you tried the steam setting on the iron? I steam clean everything. Steam is my white vinegar. Except when I'm pickling onions...
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    Steaming is an interesting idea. I don't own a hair drier. My hair is one inch inch. I don't want to put vinegar on a mattress I'm selling!? I would never get the smell out.

    It's 1am and I'm knackered. I have emailed the buyer to ask to meet later in the week. Time pressure always makes us (me) less careful and less rational. Tiredness too. Yes, I would probably end up with a large iron-shaped scorch mark in the middle of the damn thing, so ending the farce.  If all fails, I'll donate the mattress to a dogs' home. :|
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    Borrow a hairdryer?
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    Stand well back, confess and send pic to buyer.
    While you're waiting for a reply, you could be writing the script for a sitcom.

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    Last night was a bloomin' sitcom.  You know things have gone wrong when you find yourself frantically ironing a mattress at 1am.

    Thanks to all who added helpful thoughts to a mad moment.

    If anyone is looking for the text book case of how not to handle a sale, a mattress or an evening, that was it.
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    To dry the damp area use kitchen roll( lots of it) and tap it dry. Could take a while but I’ve done that on carpets and end up with no water rings. Lay kitchen roll on mattress and then then use your knuckles to push in and it will soak up dampness.
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    It's an old thread guys. A tramp is probably sleeping on that mattress under a flyover by now. :#
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    It's an old thread guys. A tramp is probably sleeping on that mattress under a flyover by now. :#
    Not just an old thread ... it's advertising spam ... check out all 6 of  lisajohny's posts  They are  advertising spam that needs flagging ... he/she's put a live link to their website as a Signature.  >:)
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    Not on this thread any more they aren't!   >:)
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