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Few flowers on my Wisteria

I have had very few flowers on my Wisteria this year, lots of leaves and long runners, I did prune it last year. Can I prune it hard it's got so big,  if so when.


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    The RHS has a page on their website illustrating how and when to prune a wisteria and I try and stick to the general principles -

    However, this winter we had quite heavy frosts for this region so I didn't risk pruning it too much but, during and since flowering I have removed any stems that were in my way - one is by a main door to and from the house - or encroaching gutters and roofs or just plain getting too big.   

    Mine are really enjoying this year's wet weather and the spring warmth so are producing wayward stems every few days.   I just grasp those stems and pull them to eye height so I can see to prune back to just above a leaf node.   Very thick foliage now so can't be too precise.

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    Thanks so much I will look on the RHS web site. Last year it was full of flowers so think I may have pruned it wrong.
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