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my Choisya has white patches!

Help! My Choisya has awful white patches all over the stems and backs of the leaves about 1.2cm long x 3mm wide with a brownish blob on each patch. See photos. Does anyone know what this is and how to cure it?

many thanks.


    Sorry forgot to attach the photos !
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150
    It's one of the types of scale insects, and quite a heavy infestation by the look of it.
    I've only ever had to deal with a few of them which I simply wipe off and squish.

    RHS advice in the link above. Good luck getting rid of them.

    Hi Kitty

    Thank you, I'll take a look at that link. I'm going to give the plant a prune anyway so I'll hopefully be able to get rid of some of them that way.

    Best wishes

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150
    Make sure you get rid off all the white fluffy stuff as well as the brown scales, that's where the eggs are laid.
    Thank you Kitty- looks like quite a mammoth task !
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