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new lawn ratio topsoil

hi first post on here, replacing my lawn had drainage problems and laid a land drain and now ready to lay new lawn.Soil is clay and was planning to buy bulk bags of sharp sand, horticultural grit well rotted manure and topsoil to improve drainage. have about 6 inches to finished lawn level. My question is what ratio sand/topsoil/grit/ to use . I have quite a bit of soil i can re use which i have sieved. 


  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 2,562
    Can anyone help @markbambridge ?
  • Fran IOM said:
    Can anyone help @markbambridge ?
    Yeah thanks,any help would be appreciated.Got about 30 sq mts at about 6 inches. Was gonna buy  2 bulk bags of sharp sand and introduce this to original soil with rotavater and then ?? Open to ideas
  • LG_LG_ Posts: 4,248
    My instinct says that as it's the top 6" I would keep it as mainly top soil, using the sand and grit to open it up a bit rather than significantly changing the composition. I would also be careful about using too much organic matter, as this will rot down and change the level, so you might get dips. 

    Caveat: I've only made one lawn, but I did have to build it up about 8-10" so used a similar method to you. I used a lot of sharp sand and gravel at the lower reaches (possibly too much - I was trying to save money) but almost exclusively topsoil (all bought in) for the top few inches. However, I had very little of my own soil to add to the mix and didn't have the drainage issues you've had.
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  • Ok thanks for your help
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