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A few questions from a beginner

Hi. Me again 😜

ok so.  
Do I need to remove the bottom leaves from my tomatoes?  I have a couple of trusses and 2 tiny tomato’s growing 

what are your opinions in the self watering pots.  Do they aid root growth ?  Are there any plus or minuses in your opinions. ? 


  • ChriscoreChriscore Posts: 140
    Hi, i personally don't remove the bottom leaves unless they are in the dirt (just to allow air flow and help prevent disease) Someone else might tell you different. I do have some self watering pots which are nice because it means theres no chance of dirty water splashing up from surface watering and getting on the leaves/stems etc. I haven't noticed much difference in growth personally.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,965
    I agree with Chris.
    Leaves are the engine of the plant, only remove them for a reason. e.g. if they've gone manky - which some lower leaves will at some stage, or if they're laying on the soil.
    Toward the end of the season when all the fruit has been produced by the plant, then I gradually remove leaves to let the sun get to the trusses.
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  • nicd38nicd38 Posts: 23
    Thank you both for your replies 
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