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Dad always has a wonderful display of Dahlias.However this year they've been eaten to pieces, hes tried all the usual methods ,no slime trail,no slugs,no caterpillars, any ideas?


  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,717
    I think I can see slug poo in three places on those leaves in the second photo (top right, bottom right and bottom left) with the foxglove? behind taking so much damage as well I would suspect a large and probably very sick from all those pellets slug/snail issue! I would have a look under that pot behind and maybe if you can give the area a spray with the hose in the evening and then go out after dark to find any nasties.
  • mousekinmousekin Posts: 28
    Thanks Skandi I knew the slug pellets would gather comments, I will forward your comments to him ty!
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,317
    It looks as if it’s getting quite congested in there, with the dahlia leaves touching other plants. I would suggest clearing up all the weeds and debris around and trying to give the dahlias free ‘airspace’ by thinning the planting around it - I found snails happily using other plants or plant debris as a  bridge to reach the yummy dahlia leaves, so they could be bypassing the pellets entirely.

    Last night, on snail patrol, I found a queue of them crawling along the wall behind a dahlia, contemplating the short leap to its stake, having been foxed by a thick ring of mounded sharp gravel around the base. If snails can’t fly they are certainly thinking of developing the skill...
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  • mousekinmousekin Posts: 28
    Love it! Ty Nollie, yes , I forwarded the info to dad and he told me many surrounding plants had disappeared .anHowever, ta da ta da! he found 3 slugs this morning ! clearing area is underway as dad is 88 shortly dont want him in trouble. Being half a world apart is not good!
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