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Viburnum problems

Hi, can anyone help? several years I planted a Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price' it grew strongly and vigorously until the heavy snow/winds. Leaves on the bottom 3' died and fell, then all the other leaves dropped. We assumed it was dead, so we cut it down from about 7' to about a foot, where we discovered 3 small shoots, I took them as cuttings but they came to nothing. There was a thick branch left over from the cull which was discarded in a big pot ready for the tip.  When I went out yesterday the pot had filled with water and this little branch had little buds all over it what can I do, can't take cuttings as the tiny buds come straight out of the branch - would it survive it I planted the whole 12" in a pot of soil or in the ground, or does someone out there have the answer!!!


  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
    Hi Hobnob, i hate to disappoint but i think unless your 'branch' has any roots sprouting then it's going to come to nothing....the sprouting is just residual energy stored.  if you have roots on the branch, great, get them roots into a mix of say half soil, half multipurpose and nurse it along until strong roots appear.    

    alternatively, save yourselves a number of years nursing and shaping, and just beg/buy another one :)

  • HobnobHobnob Posts: 5
    Hi, UpNorth thanks so much for replying,your answer explains a lot - am off to the Nursery for another one!!
  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
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    i have a several V. Tinus layered cuttings growing but i see you're about as far away form me as would be possible in UK!   5m shrubs...and some.  flowers well when young.    I took these layered cuttings from my big one i branched up and now i don't have anywhere to put them, but i can't bring myself to bin them.  it's not easy giving away 5m tall shrubs though....any other members....
  • HobnobHobnob Posts: 5
    Thanks for the offer UpNorth, very kind of you, sad I am not round the corner!! for future ref what in your opinion is the best way to take cuttings thanks 
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