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Gap left by finished dicentra

What do you all do when you have a gap in the border when a plant dies back? My lawn is oval and the dicentra is in the border at the narrowest point. There is a tiny struggling skimmia in front of it at the moment that hasn't grown since I planted it, but there isn't a lot of room to plant anything in front of it or behind it.

The border looks lovely at the moment but when the dicentra dies back it has a gap. Is the only solution to fill the gap with a pot?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,872
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    Just how small a space is it? Perhaps you'd be better with something smaller and longer flowering there, and moving both those plants to a better site? A vertical plant, along with something low growing like a Geranium or Heuchera might be worth considering.
    I have other planting which takes over from my Dicentra- Japanes Anemones, Foxgloves etc. There are also other plants nearby which then have their 'moment' [ Acteas for example] which take your eye away from plants which are finished. Equally, earlier in the year, there are bulbs and primulas etc which provide colour until the Dicentra start into growth.
    Have you got  a wee pic to help with more ideas autumglory?  :)
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    I'd move it to a wider part of the border where it can hide behind something else later on. It took me years to realise you can move stuff around if you don't get it right first time. :)

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  • autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255

    This is the border at the moment. I didn't plant the aquilegia, its a trespasser! The cornus next to it does make the gap smaller by the middle of summer.

    The skimmia obviously doesn't like our soil, it might have to go. I've tried everything to cheer it up but nothing has worked!

    I could swap the dicentra with a hosta in the corner and put the hosta where the skimmia is.

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