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Has this Trachelospermum met its maker?

Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142
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We have two TS on a south facing end of the summer house. They have been in fine nick for the 5 years we have been here and required just some maintenance pruning. I'm assuming they are of a different type as one goes a fantastic deep red in the autumn whereas the other stays green. The 'red' one has deteriorated since the winter and I'm pretty sure it has now given up. The leaves are brown and dry with no sign of new growth. The greener of the two is looking well and budding up. They have the same growing conditions etc but the red one is slightly more exposed and I wonder whether the winter weather got to this one more than the other?

pics from last autumn  

Pics from now 

Im planning on digging it out but before I do I thought I would just ask you knowledgeable folk if you think it has any chance of recovery?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,293
    What a pity!
    I've had one in a small raised bed for many years.
    I noticed that toward the end of last year the leaves on the most exposed end of the plant (about 1/3 of all the leaves) turned red like yours, but they reverted to green in the spring.
    I reckon if there's no sign of growth by now, sadly it's had it.
    As I'm sure you know, they grow fast, so I guess you could train the healthy one to cover the area left by the 'dear departed'
    Good luck
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  • lholmes67lholmes67 Posts: 6
    Hi, just seen your old post. It looks like mine and something one would expect in the autumn. It might have been exposed to the elements more as I took out s gréât big palm tree sheltering it. It does have buds but they’re red too. I’ll wait a while give it some feed and plenty of water and see what happens. How do you prune them? 
  • lholmes67lholmes67 Posts: 6
    This is what it was like in March, lovely and green and this is now, what a shame. You say they grow quickly. I can’t dig this up til the blackbird chicks have fledged but then I could get a new one. I’ve just noticed it does have some new buds actually so .....
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