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Advice re new tree

Early this year I had to replace the fence at the end of the garden and took the opportunity to renew the planting. I planted a Prunus Subhirtella Rosea which is really struggling - partly due to the awful Spring and partly (I suspect) because it is quite close to a yew next door. Some branches are bare with just a few leaves on the end so it is looking very straggly. 

Should I prune these branches back? Worried I might end up with a lop-sided tree. Or do I carry on watering it and loving it and hope it comes back better next year? 


  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
    Can you describe your soil , the hole it went into, your watering routine?  Personally I think it's too soon for the yew to affect it.

    It does look bad.  Presume you bought Jan or Feb without leaves?  I'm wondering about digging it out and back into a pot where you can control the soil and feed. I'm speaking of general tree planting but no experience of this particular prunus...wait for more advice 😀
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Check your tree’s branches to see whether there are any breakages or wounds. Cankers can cause branch die-back, and if you see issues, you will need to prune out affected areas now. 

    If it looks fine, you can still prune back very lightly to just above a swollen area. Otherwise, be patient and leave it alone, you only just planted it in so you have to be patient. Not all plants respond that quickly. I have seen many young trees like yours, looking weak and splindly. Then I see them 3-4 years later and they’re completely changed and maturing into fine specimens. Your chosen tree is a lovely tree. 

    Soil and watering are two important things. Young shrubs/trees need watering if no rain for over a week in warmer weather. When watering, water thoroughly in the night or early mornings. The soil ideally should be well prepared, big enough not to disturb the root area when planting. Finish off with plenty of mulch if you have very light soil or heavy clay soil.
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