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Reshaping an Acer

GjbruntonGjbrunton Posts: 1
New to the forum.

We have recently planted an acer in a raised bed.  We picked this particular plant as we liked the way it hangs over however now it is in we have noticed a few branches are very close to each other and we'd like to spread them out if possible.

What would be the best way to achieve this?

I was thinking I could pull the branch back and tie it to the sides of the raised bed but wasn't sure if this would damage the plant in the longer term?

Hopefully the attached image will give you a better idea of what i'm trying to achieve.




  • Welcome to the forum Graham.
    If it were my acer, and with the knowledge that I have gained from members on this forum, I would not do anything that might cause the branches to snap at this time of year when the sap is up and the plant is in leaf.  However in the autumn/winter, once the leaves have dropped and before there isany  sign of new growth I would gradually and gently, over a period of weeks or a few months encourage the branch to go into the direction you have indicated.  I would use a very soft garden string that won't cut into the branch. I am sure others will give you different advice, but whatever you decide - good luck with this plant.
  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489
    Do you want height in the Acer?  If not you would be better treating yourself to this form which also comes with dark leaves Bottom left of pic.

    SW Scotland
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