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Talkback: Potato blight

I've seen blight on most potato crops on my allotment site. As for my own crop of earlies, I've recently sheared them all, dug up half of them, and will shortly dig up and store the remaining crop. What I've harvested so far have been great and delicious. I'm reluctant to grow maincrop spuds, for fear of the dreaded plague. Still, you can't beat a good crop of new potatoes!


  • Our biggest problems were with Colarado Beetle, it meant going out each morning and picking the adult beetle's off and squashing them and also the eggs on underside of leaf. Not a nice job before breakfast. We bought un-chitted potatos on 14/03/08, they chitted and were planted 11/04/08 we are now harvesting, started yesterday. Good crop although on the small side. We also given on 13/04/08 a tray of small chitted potatoes, which have faired a bit better and are cropping well. Watering was a big issue here in Bulgaria. I agree you cant beat a good crop of home grown new potatoes
  • I'm in the NE of Scotland. Should my Charlotte potatoes be ready by now? There is loads of foliage, but no flowers. Am I just impatient, or have they gone wrong?
  • I am new to gardening and I would love to grow potatoes for christmas but when would I do that would I want to start now and where would I get the seed potatoes
  • Live in Mullingar, just outside Dublin. Just spent the last 30 mins cutting down my potato plants....what looked so good only a week ago was quickly going black.....ahhhh all that work gone to waste.....first year giving this a go
  • Can you help, have no blight as yet bur then i have very few leaves. Something has eaten them, caterpillar maybe? Will the spuds be ok to eat and what should i do to stop it happening again, its never happened before. Can i also ask why don't plant labels tell you if a plant is prone to slug/snails etc. it's good to know size & position but not much help when your prize echinacea is nibbled to shreds!!!!!
  • Breda - look up the larger seed merchants online and you will be offered seed potatoes to plant for a Christmas crop. They will advise when to plant.
  • Thanks Marion that is a great help
  • Please help me If I pick all my potatoes now because of blight will I be able to store any for a few weeks, or Is to early for storing
  • I am starting to harvest my potatoes now, but some of them have a pink ring in the middle. I've been binning these just in case, but does anyone know what this is and if the potatoes are still edible?
  • I always wonder why people bother to buy potato seeds. I just buried my potato peeling into the soil and every year I get lots of potato seedlings sprouting out, which I thin them out and get lots of potato crops from them.
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