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Ants in lawn

I have two very bare patches on my front lawn which are covered with sand like brown soil. I am assuming these are ant holes and I would like to know which chemical I should spray with to kill the ants and get rid of them. Any advice given will be gratefully received.




  • Dave HumbyDave Humby HampshirePosts: 1,132
    Don't mention chemicals on here Ron or you'll be in big trouble  ;)

    I have a fair few nests on my lawn but I just sweep them away with a stiff broom before mowing otherwise you'll get a lump of soil which stops the grass growing. 

    If you do want to get rid then you could use one of the many standard ant powders on the market. 
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,547
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  • Christine-21Christine-21 Portaferry, Northern IrelandPosts: 21
    This year, for the first, I've found ants in various parts of the garden. they are wee brown ants. I haven't been stung yet, but will I? Should I try to get rid of them, or just live with them? They don't seem to be causing a problem yet, and if they aren't I'd be tempted just to let them get on with it. 
  • I agree with those that say let them be, but if they make a move on the house I've found orange juice sprinkled around the nest gets them to move away. Put bits of orange peel by the doorstep and they're like vampires who can't cross unless you give them permission. Citric acid is kryptonite to their formic acid so they avoid it like the plague.
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  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 9,674
    That's interesting to know Paul. We've always had quite a lot of ants in various places in the garden, but this last week they seem to have exploded everywhere. Weather conditions perhaps? As we have had one or two torrential rainshowers, I wondered if that brings them up to the surface. I'm not too keen on them as I am allergic to their bites. 
  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 2,435
    Over the last couple of days I have been plagued by ants in the kitchen and elsewhere in the house.Tried a few 'natural' remedies but none worked until I used Peppermint Oil.I just put a few drops on a bit of kitchen roll and rubbed it all over the places I saw ants.They seem to have gone now and the house smells very nicely of peppermint!
    It does not kill them but does deter them.
    Was wondering if using it outside would work? Maybe mix a few drops of oil in water with a drop of washing up liquid and spray,sprinkle or pour in affected areas.Worth a try maybe?  :)
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  • I don't see why it wouldn't work outside as well madpenguin. I've got a theory (totally unscientific and totally unproven - and probably totally wrong) that if you squish the ants you see they send out an alarm call that they're under attack and all the other ants head in your direction ready for a fight - the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve. Whereas if you put down heavy scented things like citrus or peppermint their scouts think "ewww, it's stinky round here and my senses are getting messed up" and they tell all their mates they should go somewhere else.
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  • Sounds like a good idea. Today, I sprayed the bare patches of earth with fairy liquid and hot water to see how they got on with that!!! At least they will be clean.....
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