Dogwood query

I've recently purchased three red, three yellw and one white dogwood plants. Can anyone tell me how often I should be watering them or provide tips for managing them?


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414
    Samantha, Dog wood are grown as either hedging or for their bright coloured stems in winter, Mine are quite old and bushy, green most of the year then red stems that liven up a border in winter, in spring they will go green again.
    They need sunshine most of the day and apart from that very little work although they will outgrow the planting spot unless trimmed back.
    As they set root and start to leaf up you will need to trim the tops to shape, it will be a mass of leaf and that is all until October when the leaves drop off and the stems change colour.
    In Spring when the new growth appears i cut mine down to around a foot off the ground  and it is the new stems that give the winter colour, as the plants spreads the root above ground becomes quite gnarled now and then I saw a bit off but as I said mine are now old plants still doing their thing which is cheering me up in winter.
    Looking at your lovely pictures they may not get enough sunshine if shaded by the log wall. Gardeners are often proved wrong and surprised when plants grow where they should not, you could leave them to grow on or move them, either way they are a tough old plant giving many years of joy.
  • Frank, that's excellent feedback. I'll keep an eye out this year and if they don't thrive ill shift them to a sunnier location. Thank you 
  • PheoPheo Posts: 14
    I believe they do like to be kept moist. It’ll depend on local conditions a bit but I would probably water Atleast once a a week in dry conditions and more in a heat wave - just use your finger to judge how dry the soil is especially where it was in its pot before.  

    This goes for most things in year one to be honest until properly established
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