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Bare root Magnolia Standard

So we bought a bare root Magnolia Standard and it was planted out around two months ago.

We're just not sure if it's dead. Did the bark test a few weeks ago and it had green underneath so we thought there might be some hope. 

Should it have any signs of life now or does it take a longer period of time? - never had bare root plants before. 



  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,053
    Are there any signs at all of buds on the stems?  It really should have thrown leaves up by now. 
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  • No signs of life. Repeated bark test today and despite being green a week or so ago it's now whitish brown so yes you're right dead
    Can't get a refund. It arrived two weeks earlier than we expected from T & M and our winter was too harsh this year to put out so we couldn't follow the instructions. They unfortunately wouldn't offer any goodwill gesture so we accepted a while ago we wouldn't get anything back. 

    Oh well better get another set.....

    Thanks for the replies much appreciated.  
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