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Acer Westonbirt Seedling

Yesterday I bought an Acer Westonbirt from a local garden centre. It is quite a large tree (approx 3m tall) in a 7.5L pot. I am planning to plant it in my garden. A few of the branches were leafless and after googling what to do I cut these back after checking that they were dead by scratching back the bark to see if green underneath. Some of the leaves also seem to be curling at the edge. I am now worried that the plant might have Verticullium Wilt. One of the dead branches I cut off had a part (about 6 inches long) where the bark was mottled with some white spots and underneath the wood had dark streaks in it. The inner dark wood is a symptom of VW but I can’t see this anywhere else on the plant. I am considering taking it back today but would be a shame as it is a beautiful tree. Can Acers in pots get VW or could there be another explanation? The tree was under an open canopy at the garden centre. Would appreciate any advice. 


  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 11,011
    Yes, acers can get this wilt. It doesn't sound very healthy, personally l would return it and get a replacement if you can.
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