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Meconopsis: China Blue, Lingholm and Hensol Violet - how to care for

yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782
Was very lucky to get half-price plants last month because the shop wanted rid of the ones with damaged base leaves (not diseased leaves, just split or broken) -  and planted them in various places.  Buds beginning to open now on the plants which were least damaged and which seem to have grown well (as far a I can tell because I've never dared try them before).

Now that they have budded and are opening - I read that you shouldn't let them flower in the first year.  Too late for that now for me.  But, the online and book info said to feed them - one article said feed them every two weeks throughout the summer.   I'm not sure if I should feed them with something now that they are budding and opening - I have no idea how long the flowers last, and I have no idea what you do with them once all the buds have flowered ie. do I chop the plants to the base after flowering, do they re-flower?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I look up articles and books and the advice pretty often conflicts.  Can anyone with experience of them give me some direction?  Thank you so much.  The others around the garden are only just growing upwards.  Couldn't turn them down for half-price!!!

Pic 1  Tall one is 'China Blue' (90cm).  Smaller one in front is 'Lingholm' which has produced one blue flower now and has one other bud still to open.

Pic 2    Close up of 'China Blue' buds about to open - are they normally different shades ie the purply colour and one blue as here?

Pic 3 - one of the 'Hensol Violet'.   


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,445
    Feed them with an ericaceous fertiliser. They prefer an acid soil. They tend not to be long lived. I have never kept them going more than two seasons.
  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782
    Thanks fidgetbones.  I noticed changes in the 'look' of many plants this spring and a few days ago went all round the garden (it's small) with one of those three-in-one meters.  Was quite shocked to see that my ph levels have fallen drastically in a couple of areas to 5 and one down to 4 - which would explain why a number of plants seemed to turn sclerotic (sp?) this spring.  My local garden centre resource closed down end of last year and there's nowhere local now and have to order simple things like packets or tubs of fertiliser online.  But I need to keep looking at these ph levels over this summer before doing some soil improving, because it's happened so quickly and I need to figure out what's the cause - I think (she says - trying to sound logical and on top of the dilemma!).

    Back to the meconopsis though - the soil therefore where they are planted seems to be bang on the recommended ph - but I'll contrive to get some eric. fertiliser.

    Thank you.

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