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What Is This Plant?

DurrendalDurrendal IndiaPosts: 62
Hey hey!

Long time no see!

I've been terribly busy the past few months with studies and work buuuut! my cacti/succulent collection has grown a bit. However, I find stumped with a question. I have two plants that were sold to me as Kalanchoes. However, I'e begun to suspect that one of the might be something else! Please help me find out what it is!

So, Suspect no. 1 is this cutie. It has sharp jagged leaves and a concave leaf pattern(leaves dip inwards at the central stalk, outer edges stick out), much more deep green colour and lots of regularly developing plantlets all round the margin.

And Suspect no.2 is this one. It has less sharp jagged edges, concave leaves(Leaves droop down from the stalk), lighter hue and no developing plantlets as of yet. Is it a different sort of plant? I was thinking its a Flapjack , but I am not sure. Please help?


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,840
    Hello again Durrendal !
    Picture no 1 is Kalanchoe diagremontianum ; be warned , the plantlets drop and root everywhere !
    Picture no 2 looks like Kalanchoe millotii (only 95% certain on this one) .

    I've found these plants notoriously variable , subject to growing conditions . Some are a pruinose grey colour , whilst others are green .
  • DurrendalDurrendal IndiaPosts: 62
    Hey Paul! Nice to see you again!

    Yes, they do seem to be the species you pointed towards. Thanks a lot!

    As for the Diagre, yep, the pot is already full of little rooted plants. I'm keeping the pot separate so that all plants root only in that specific pot. That said, I've started giving them away in tiny thimble sized pots and the baby cousins love it! apparently they have made it a sport to see who can grow theirs "best".
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