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Hi, I never miss Gardener's World I do envy your garden space. This year I am going to use wooden pallets I am worried if they are safe to use in the garden I googled to find out what this means EK9 and 10 SIN please I hope you can help. My garden is full builders rubbish that's  why to have to use growing bags, containers, wooden pallets and I am using kiddy pools all because I can't put anything in the ground I am disabled pension haven't got lots cash spend anyone thank you very much I love your program Parvin


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    Hello @parvinkaurp . People here are just gardeners; many will watch Gardener's World, but it is not the case that this is a place for the makers and presenters of Gardener's World. My experience using pallets is this: Those that are marked 'EUR', 'EPAL', or have a mark with 'HT' in it are or should be safe -- these are heat treated. A lot of builder's pallets that I have seen do not seem to fall into this category. Then it depends on what you want to do with them; if you plan is to grow vegetables it is probably not a good idea to support or contain the soil with pallets unless they are of the heat-treated variety. I can't help further at the moment (evening is better), but I assume this question has come up a lot.
  • Not sure what those particular markings denote, all I do know is that if it is stamped with MB, DO NOT use it. It has been treated with a toxic chemical. 

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    This might be useful:
    Kind regards.
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    Once you've worked out if they're safe, have a read of this thread which has all sorts of creative ideas for using pallets in different ways -

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