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Too late to scarify?

As the title asks, am I too late to scarify and reseed my lawn? I applied some 4 in 1 about 3 weeks ago, with the intention of then scarifying, aerating, and reseeding various parts of my lawn, but due to work commitments, I haven’t had time to get out there since. I am concerned that it would probably be a little too warm for the grass seed to germinate. Or should I just wait until autumn? 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,838
    Scarify anyway as the dead stuff needs lifting off to help the existing grass to grow well.  

    Moisture levels are as important as ground temperatures for grass seed germination and in the UK the best periods are April and September with a margin either side depending on where you are.   If you've had plenty of rain and can also use a sprinkler if needed then go ahead and sow once you've cleared the area and raked the topsoil a bit loose to help the seed roots penetrate and establish -

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  • Pauline 7Pauline 7 Posts: 2,230
    I scarified yesterday,  I was too ill in autumn and not qiute well enough to do a decent job in spring. My poor grass was so full of moss and thatch that it breathed a sigh of relief when I had finished. 
    After a good soaking it looks better, without even overseeding.........mind you it couldn't have looked much worse. 
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  • Brickman0430Brickman0430 Posts: 182
    Many thanks both, i’ll Get on with it on Thursday or Friday 😎
  • glasgowdanglasgowdan Posts: 632
    Scarify it fairly lightly, make sure the lawn still looks green when you finish. Are you able to put a sprinkler on the whole area each evening for a wee while? It will greatly help. I'm watering my front (the nice one) lawn every night. 
  • Brickman0430Brickman0430 Posts: 182
    Thanks glasgowdan, I was thinking to do it fairly lightly, actually it’s not too bad, just a few patches of moss here and there. Going to screwfix in the morning to pick up a sprinkler, not sure if i’ll need it though, as thunderstorms are forecast for the West Midlands over the next few days.
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