The robin is still there!



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    That's good news! The robins in our garden are still flying back & forth feeding the babies. One looks so tatty & exhausted. They have a special feeder nearby, hidden as best I can, to save them some energy. 
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    I would have liked to supplement their diet too AnniD but don't have anywhere suitable away from the shed  :'(  however, my brother arrived early last week to help me put in some new raised beds and there he/she was watching the shovelling and swooping in every so often. He commented that he/she looked a bit manky but then they were very busy birds!
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    I love this time all the baby birds flitting around, parents run ragged trying to keep up. A very large fluffy Great tit being feed by two well warn parents half it’s size sits on a branch. Mrs Robin following her two young ones who in turn follow me around the front garden waiting for tasty titbits. The other evening as we were shutting up for the night the OH said there’s a bird in the green house in trouble. Turned out to be a baby Blue Tit struggling in a thick web, against the glass, slowly, gently I got him in my hand took him outside oh! the sweetest face I opened my hand palm up and within seconds he flew to the Horse chestnut. Waiting for him was mum and siblings. This morning while contemplating the annoying growth on a Sycamore by my garden a young Jenny Wren all of a flutter for food. Mum took one look at me and hid but baby cocked his head and eyed me out. I felt obliged to leave. Yes I will truly miss this time, but there’s always next year.
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    That's great news!  Well done for all you did.😃
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    We have a very cheeky Robbin that comes right up to us to demand dried mealworms at the moment.
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    We are able to pass both Robins and Blackbirds in the garden closely, but not facing them as soon as we turn our face towards them they fly off.
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