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Planting advice please!

lucycolbornelucycolborne Posts: 4
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hi, what would people recommend we plant to improve the look of this awkward area? It’s 15ft x 6ft, in front of a row/screen of leylandii trees. If possible, I’d like a couple of climbers to screen the base of the trees and easy plants that fill the space below.. thank you! 


  • Hostas? Hydrangeas? Ferns? 
  • FireFire LondonPosts: 5,896
    Do you need the leylandii?
  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,970
    It looks as though it is in shade and very dry. You could try dryopteris ferns, aucuba, euonymus, both variegated to give a slash of colour, spirea, alchemilla mollis, dicentra, epimedium, pachysandra, pulmonaria, vinca. Climbers are difficult - ivy, of course and honeysuckle are about all that would survive. All of those are easy plants. 
    Dig in as much compost etc as you can. It will be difficult to dig the whole area over because of the tree roots but try. Also, put down a mulch once you have planted. The other thing would be to put in small plants if you can't dig big holes because of the tree roots. 
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  • Great - thank you! Do you know if we should put a membrane underneath them all (stones, bark) or nothing? Just thinking of weed control and moisture ..

    Yes, we do need the leylandii unfortunately. Only thing between us and very close neighbours..
  • Yes, it is very dry but not shaded - it’s  light but does not get any direct sun.
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