Climber for sunny/windy side of house

Good afternoon everyone, my first post on here so hope that I am doing it correctly!

I have tried to grow a clematis in a pot at the front of my house which is sw facing but also quite breezy. Last year it flowered well but this year gave a couple of flowers and has wilted.

Could anyone suggest a climber that would be suitable for this aspect please?

Thank you in anticipation Tracey


  • You say that this year it gave a couple of flowers then wilted, so obviously a Early Large Flowered group, I would suggest you try a ' proper ' clematis, Viticella Group, Viorna Group, Tangutica Group, all Summer flowering, bombproof, don't wilt.
  • Tracey19Tracey19 Posts: 3

    Thank you Richard, I will have a look at the ones you suggest. This clematis is meant to be a summer flowering variety!

  • LauraRoslinLauraRoslin Posts: 496
    Make sure you keep the roots cool as no Clematis likes being hot-footed.
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  • Tracey19Tracey19 Posts: 3

    Thank you Laura I am  wondering if that is where I have gone wrong because the clematis was Beauty of Worcester, one of the group mentioned by Richard and bought from a reputable supplier. How would you suggest I do this in a pot?

  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 4,388
    Clematis in pots need a lot of water and unless you buy one of the newer ones specially bred for pots, I wouldn't recommend it unless you've no choice.  Sunny and windy would make the pot even more likely to dry out quicker. You could try watering it thoroughly then putting a good layer of Hort.Grit around it to keep it moist. 
    Richard is the expert however and may have better advice.
  • Raised in 1886, so definitely a survivor.  Not the easiest to grow but a really good plant in the correct location.  The early Large flowered Group require more attention, more feeding and watering than most other Groups.  You could try growing it as a Group 3, you would have later flowers, single, smaller, but more of them.
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