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Climber won’t climb

I have a climber that doesn’t seem to climb, it’s has quite a sunny spot, is watered often, I tie it to the trellis. strangely it seems to die on the sunny side.

i’m not sure what plant it is so I’ve included a few pictures. The plant is about 5 years old now.


  • It’s a clematis it might need a bigger pot, it likes its roots in the shade and the top in the sun. 
  • KweeglyKweegly Posts: 101
    Any idea why it seems to grow away from the sun, as you look at the photo the right side is where the sun comes from.
  • BijdezeeBijdezee Posts: 1,484
    Clematis like the one in your picture do need tying in.  Some of the others have more clingy tendrils that seem to scramble and cling more. For a good shape and spread then you need to encourage it by tying it in.

    As Chrissy said they prefer moist and shaded roots so i think yours would thank you for a larger and deeper pot and maybe some thing in front of the pot to shade it, another plant etc.

    Clematis are usually only suitable for pots for about 3 years then they start to signs of needing to be put in the ground for a deeper root run. How long has it been in the pot?
  • KweeglyKweegly Posts: 101
    Great information, as an option I can put it in the flower bed somewhere. 

    What climbers like pots, I have a spare pot 3 times the size. I really want a flowering climber up the back wall 🙂
  • FireFire Posts: 17,395
    The herbaceous clem might be shade-loving
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