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Best Large Rambling Rose for North Wall in Large Pot onto a large Pergola? Advice Please

AtacamaAtacama Posts: 87
Evening all, had great advice last post on fruits so hoping for same success with this question.

Have a large wooden structure on back of house (north facing with limited sun across the wall) but huge amount of sun on the wooden structure itself all day at the 6-8 ft level.

Currently we have a Clematis and Wisteria that have been in some years and cover the entire back of house & flower really well. But would very much like to add a large growing rambling rose to break up this ceiling of white flowers. 

I read that roses ideally need sun but that some varieties of ramblers will tolerate shade.

Once the rambler (we would like to add) grows to about 6ft then there will be loads of sun all day round. We have a ramblier in soil about 8 ft from were we would like to locate this one and although it took a few years get to that height, it now does hugely well and is growing outward at height both ways. I don't know the variety sorry (learning gardener

Unfortunately it does need to be in a pot really. It's possible to get it into soil but would mean cutting a hole in decking and the plants mentioned above would be within 2 ft so I guess they might starve it of nutriment and water?

It can be a large pot, no problem.

Is this realistic? If so any suggestions for something that can cope with the north wall, limited sun until it reaches 7ft ish and potted....ideally something that will grow large and have great colour and fragrance ... or am I whistling in the wind?

Hoping to learn as much as I can before investing ... or indeed if you think better to do something else. Many thanks in advance


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,006
    The largest ramblers are things like Kiftsgate, Wedding Day and Rambling Rector but all have white flowers and are so vigorous they need a deep root run so not candidates for pots. 

    I suggest you have a look at websites like David Austin which offers newly bred repeat flowering ramblers and then Peter Beales and Harkness who also breed roses.   They'll have options with cultivation notes about aspect and whether or not a rose is suitable for a pot.  
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  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364
    My Rambling Rector is in its third year. It does need a lot of space which I have, along our  fence which covers the bottom of two other gardens. Then there are two Clematis Montanas as well though. They can just fight it out between themselves. 

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