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Does anyone know where I can find some examples of garden designs? I am studying an online course for garden design. The course does not show any examples of designs laid out as they should be with plant listings, the tutor says I need to research this. I have tried online and to find books but seem to draw up a blank each time.


  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,329
    What sort of garden schemes are you interested in? There are a few scale plans and plant lists in a few garden books I have, such as two border schemes in Alan Titchmarsh’s Perennial Garden Plants - great beginners book that covers all aspects of planning and implementing a garden, as recommended to me by other forum members. Geoff Hamilton’s Cottage Gardens has a few as well. Sometimes designers have schemes on their websites so worth having a trawl through them. I don’t know about more contemporary design though or any specific books on planting schemes.

    Good luck with the course!
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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Have you tried the old fashioned way and visited your local library? And that’s the only help I will give you. 
    I could give you a list of books and places to check but I feel you should be doing the basic research yourself. 
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  • Thank you for your reply Hogweed but as I said in my original question, I have looked on line and tried to find books but have drawn blanks. Can find simple plan drawings but nothing that really shows me how the whole thing should be laid out properly. Perhaps I am not looking at it in the right way. Even looked in the bookshop at RHS Harlow Carr and couldn't find anything. I will look in their library when I am back there in July. My local library is only small so I doubt they will have anything but I will have a look, thanks again.
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,329
    Can find simple plan drawings but nothing that really shows me how the whole thing should be laid out properly. 
    The above, with a numbered key of the plants should be enough to show you how it’s laid out - you can look up the individual plants to find out their colour, habit, flowering time, height and spread etc., so I don’t really know what you mean, Sue, by ‘laid out properly’. If you mean full plans, elevations, coloured illustrations, photographs etc. of a whole scheme/garden I doubt you will find all that in any book - designers have to make a living so are entitled not to publish an a-z of how to reproduce their designs wholesale.

    It might be more beneficial to visit lots of gardens and garden shows to analyse their designs and set yourself the challenge of identifying the plants and how it all works together. You will become a better designer for it as there is no substitute for seeing things in the flesh, so to speak.
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