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New Gro-Sure Smart Cover mulch

Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,179
Has anybody used this yet and is it any better than bark mulch?
North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone


  • I've got a bag of this that I've used in my border. I'm new to gardening so can't compare it to bark, but it seems to be keeping big weeds out. I do get a few little tiny green weeds growing in or through it, but less than the areas which haven't been covered yet, and no dandelions so far.

    It's funny stuff, it's very soft, almost like loads of fabric fibres matted together. Presumably it'll break down a bit with time and form a sort of blanket. It's quite a light brown colour when it goes on (which doesn't look great) but seems to be darkening up a bit more now after a couple of weeks of sun and rain.
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