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Aphid Eggs


Im a new gardener and so far had been pretty happy with how my veg were doing... But recently I started to get discolouring on some spinach and cucumber leaves. I googled around and saw aphids were a likely cause, having checked underneath the leaves I do see little white aphid eggs...

I have seen various ideas on getting rid of them, from spraying to clearing the eggs with vodka. As a new gardener I am unsure what is the best solution to try first. I was hoping people here can give me tips on a) how to clear these eggs and b) how to stop them coming back. Thus far the eggs are limited to just some of the plants and I really hope to stop it spreading too.

Really hoping I dont loose my plants! Any help appreciated. Thank you!


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,537
    Aphids don't lay eggs, they have live young!
    You may have seen white specks which are their outgrown skins, which they shed as they grow bigger.
    If you see the actual aphids just rub them off with your fingers or use a hose to spray them off, or a soapy water spray.
    Don't waste vodka on your plants, they won't appreciate it and alcohol can damage cell membranes. I recall using it for experiments in O Level biology a looong time ago!
  • sunnysolsunnysol Posts: 10
    Ah! OK. Yes it is little white specks on the underside of the leaves. I dont see any actual aphids (though maybe I am looking for the wrong thing - I think they are little black bugs?? I dont understand how there would be shed skin with no aphids though)... Should I use the soapy water trick on the white things? Im worried as the leaves are definitely being damaged and I am keen to stop the spread :(

    Good to know re vodka - more for me :)

    Thanks for your advice Buttercupdays
  • FireFire Posts: 18,964
    Could you post a pic? It may be some other kind of white specky bug.
  • sunnysolsunnysol Posts: 10

    Sorry, the second one (of the white dots on under side) I just realised is very blurry, I can try to take another if needed.

    Thanks all for any help!

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150
    Looks like damage from leaf miners to me. Can just about make out the bugs in the blurry pic of underside of the leaves.

    Being on edibles, I'd remove the worst affected leaves and keep your eyes peeled for any new ones. I squish them (still inside the leaf) with a fingernail when I spot them on any flowering plants I grow. Stops the munching and I keep the leaf.
  • sunnysolsunnysol Posts: 10
    Thanks Kitty. I will remove the worst leaves, squash whatever i can find, and wash them to be sure. Thanks all for the advice!
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