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Duckweed - what to do!

polbpolb Posts: 198
Hi, we have a fairly large pond which gets taken over by duckweed at this time of year. Last year was the first year of living here and we spent quite a bit of time removing the weed every few days. It was a difficult job as we have loads of tadpoles, newts, frogs etc which get caught up in the weed and so I don't like to just leave it on the edge, as most of the little creatures would just die as they get tangled up in it. :-/ It takes ages sifting through the weed to rescue the pond life!!

We have some Elodea densa in there and a few different pond plants which seem to do fine. We don't have fish.

My question is - what would happen if we just left it this year? Would the tadpoles etc survive OK?

Just weighing up the pros and cons as it really was a never ending job.



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,979
    The wildlife won't be bothered if you leave the duckweed - it'll provide extra cover and offer shade that should reduce algae/green water.

    With a small pond it's quite easy to use the jet of a hose to 'push' the duck weed to one end of the pond where you can net it out.
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  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234
    I think your wildlife will be fine. 
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 5,995
    There are always adverts in GW magazine for bio friendly product to clear these problems, they say they do not harm the wildlife. I have no personal experience but maybe others do.
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  • polbpolb Posts: 198
    Glad to hear the wildlife will be fine..think I'll just leave it this year and see what happens! :smiley:
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,769
    We have lots of pondsnails ... Laying on the grass watching them eating duckweed is a pleasant way to pass the time/procrastinate and now that they're breeding enthusiastically there's enough of them to keep the amount of duckweed within reasonable bounds.  :)
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  • polbpolb Posts: 198
    oh...perhaps I need some pondsnails!!:o 
  • dave125dave125 Posts: 178
    I have a small pond for Damsel/Dragonflies primarily and when it first went in three years ago I bought 10x Wandering Pond Snails from eBay. A brief count the other day saw me giving up at around 150 plus Ramshorn Snails came in with the weed as well. Pond Snails are essential and brilliant.
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  • polbpolb Posts: 198
    Wow..Well this isn't something I'd considered!! Sounds great :-) Only thing I'd be concerned about would be them getting eaten :| We have a mole or two and lots of birds about... Do you think they'd be safe? I have seen a mole swimming across the pond!! :|
  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234
    Pond snails are great...but I still have duckweed. But then I never had duckweed before the ducks came and they came after the heron which wanted to eat the fish but there weren't any so it ate the newts.
    As for the diving beetles...they'd eat your toe if you let them!!! 
  • polbpolb Posts: 198
    I'll look out for them then!! :D 

    £10 for 20 wondering pond snails on ebay.. Just worried I'll be feeding the birds and mole! :-/
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