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What am I growing?

wtxgrlwtxgrl Posts: 3
My husband gave me this two years ago. I'll admit to having neglected it a bit but my green thumb is only just now growing. I just moved it to a bigger place as it looked a bit cramped and can describe the roots - they are bound together quite closely. He was told it's a "lucky bamboo" tough it doesn't resemble the ones I've searched online. You can just barely see one of the new leaves that seem to grow from somewhat flat to a round tube. Is it just young or neglected and that's why it doesn't look like any other bamboos I've seen? Is it possibly a succulent? Thanks in advance as I'd like to take better care of her - she's a tough cookie!!


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,463
    I think that's a sansevaria. Maybe cylidrica? It's related to the old 'mother-in-law's tongue' houseplants that used to be very popular but seem to have fallen out of fashion a bit. They're very tough plants but won't like being sat in water like that.
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  • wtxgrlwtxgrl Posts: 3
    Thank you so much! Explains how she was doing so well lol! Happy to report I've also put in her back in dirt. Looks good!!
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