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Climbers in a pot

Emma 668Emma 668 Posts: 2
I would like to plant a climber to help cover a slightly scrappy balcony (about 2.5 metres above planting) in Aberdeenshire. NorthEasterly-ish so morning sun on roots and whole plant in morning and just the top for rest of the day. We used to have a wonderful Madame Alfred Carriere on an old log store in the same aspect, but that was planted in the ground and was sadly lost in an extension build. I’m happy to think of other plants but something fragrant preferably. Will need to be container as a retaining wall now in place. Any ideas? What container size? Hope someone can help!!


  • madoldbatmadoldbat Posts: 22
    Jasmine would work, I have a star jasmine in a container, similar aspect to  yours and it's happy as anything. Also they can grow to a large size so would suit. I was going to suggest honeysuckle but they really don't like their roots (base of plant) in the sun. I had one and the full sunny aspect did it in. However you could maybe shade the root area and that would work, the rest of the plant likes full/partial sun. Whoever you get your plant from will be able to advise on container size but I had to repot mine in one twice the size once it got established so it will need to be big.

  • Emma 668Emma 668 Posts: 2
    Thank you - I’d also wondered about honeysuckle as we have a very happy honeysuckle elsewhere in the garden. Hadn’t thought of jasmine. Thanks so much! 
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