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Plant ID Please,..'Arisaema Plant'

Several volunteer 'Arisaema' growing in my garden since 2015,..i Googled and searched back then to no avail,..i even came across my own picture which i posted in a Forum but now used by Google?,.. describing 'Arisaema' species and my question as to the species.

Does anyone grow 'Arisaema' or does anyone know the species below.

The foliage on the above plant.

No point in asking Google.


  • @Silver surfer,..thank you for the name and the link,..i bookmarked it to have a good study of that plant.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,974
    Did you grow this from seed, Philip. I had some supposed Arisaema seed a few years ago that turned out to be this.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • @nutcutlet,..i can well understand someone thinking it was Arisaema seeds they sent you as everywhere i checked to name my plant i was pointed in the direction of it being Arisaema,..thanks to @Silver surfer",..i now have it tagged.

    My plant just appeared in 2015,..nobody else in the area has one so i presumed birds had dropped a seed, one time i had seven of these  Sauromatum venosum......Voodo lily, far only two have surfaced this year though its early yet,..i quite like them now.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,974
    An interesting plant to just turn up uninvited. :)
    I quite like it as well 

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • @nutcutlet,..i was looking back to my images for 2017 and found the images below,..a golf ball sized object appeared on the surface where the Voodoo Lily had grown,..when it burst open i discovered it was full of seeds,..because i had seven Voodoo Lily plants i didn't bother collecting seeds.

    Looks like those seed pods from the film 'Aliens'.
  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929
    Looks like a non edible  pomegranate !!!!
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,307
    edited April 2019
    They do look nice the mottled stems, leaf shape and spathe is stunning and impressive.

    We used to have them, unfortunately in a small garden you can't get away from the stink of the flower. I found it too rank or was maybe overly sensitive to it.
    They are quite impressive when they get big. Just thought it was worth mentioning the smell.

    I was given it as Voodoo Lily but an Arum type name.
    Looking at a Kew entry for its name as you are all discussing it.
    It seems to have 28 synonyms Sauromatum  in there too.
    If you click on synonyms there is a drop down menu.

    No wonder there is confusion :D
  • @granma, certainly does look like one,..and a succulent one lol,..since this thread started i have about seven Sauromatum venosum......Voodo lily.

    The bloom doesn't last long but i do like the foliage,..and perhaps better,..the scent from the bloom is not enjoyable,..sort of like wet leather lol,..Flies do like it however :)

  • nultyphilip224nultyphilip224 Posts: 923
    edited April 2019
    @Rubytoo,..i agree with you about the smell lol,..i was being nice to the plant describing it as a scent,..ah yes the foliage is impressive in particular when its big,..very tropical appearance,..i should have given a warning regarding the smell, solution was to have the plant at the bottom of the garden where there is always a slight breeze  :)

    Foliage of the plant.

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